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Perfect for entrepreneurs who prioritize speed and legal integrity. This shop offers comprehensive yet straightforward solutions, catering to freelancers and business owners. Get the answers and templates you need to propel your business forward efficiently.


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Master legal essentials with guides and videos focused on practical, real-world solutions.


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Skip the legalese and build strong, legally-binding contracts with expert templates.

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Meet Chris, Your Entrepreneurial Ally

Resigning from a corporate law firm in 2013, I embraced the entrepreneurial journey, starting and selling two businesses, while establishing my own law firm. My mission? To empower thousands of entrepreneurs like you with practical legal solutions. This shop is my latest endeavor to bring you accessible, effective contracts and more, tailored to the unique challenges and triumphs of your business.

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From essential contract templates to comprehensive guides, my courses are designed to equip you with the legal tools essential for your entrepreneurial journey. Start with my free NDA course to get a taste of my practical, expert-led approach, then dive deeper into my specialized offerings.

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The Entrepreneur's Guide to NDAs

Dive into the essentials of protecting trade secrets with my free NDA course. Get practical insights through engaging videos and guides, and start using the three customizable NDA templates.

An ideal first step to explore my practical, user-friendly legal resources.

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Client Agreement Blueprint

Elevate your client relationships with the comprehensive Client Agreement Blueprint. Delve into an 18-page guide, engaging video content, and a customizable template, all designed to simplify contract creation. Learn the essentials of MSAs, SOWs, intellectual property, and more, to craft clear, legally-sound agreements. Perfect for freelancers and small businesses seeking to enhance their professionalism and safeguard their interests.

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Secure Your Contractors

Contractor Agreement Roadmap

Navigate the intricacies of contractor agreements with ease. The Contractor Agreement Roadmap demystifies contract essentials, offering a comprehensive guide, detailed video lectures, and a customizable template. Master the art of crafting clear, legally-binding agreements covering everything from scopes of work to intellectual property. Ideal for freelancers and small businesses aiming to establish strong, professional contractor relationships.

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"I appreciate Chris’ ability to deconstruct legal jargon in an articulate way. He makes everyone’s life easier." 

Coty Beasley

Product Designer

"Chris¬†understands freelancers‚Äďespecially in the creative realm‚Äďand goes above and beyond the call of duty."¬†

Julie Cortés

Freelance Rockstar



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