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What you get:

Comprehensive Guide

Dive into the 18-page course guide that demystifies client agreements, focusing on services, payments, intellectual property, confidentiality, and more. It's designed for clarity and quick reference.

Engaging Video Lectures

Access 12 engaging, jargon-free video lessons. These bite-sized lectures are structured for easy comprehension, offering you a step-by-step walkthrough of each provision in the contract template.

Customizable Templates

Get your hands on a fully editable client agreement template, complete with adaptable SOW language. Tailor it to your needs and create professional, robust, and easy-to-read agreements in minutes.


What you'll learn:

1. Understanding the Basics of Legally Binding Contracts

Learn the core principles of what constitutes a legally binding contract, including the significance of offer, acceptance, and mutual consent. Gain insights into the enforceability of oral versus written agreements and the practicality of using electronic signatures​​.

2. Mastering MSAs and SOWs

Discover how to effectively use Master Service Agreements (MSAs) and Statements of Work (SOWs) to streamline your client engagements.

Understand the advantages of separating overarching legal terms (MSAs) from project-specific details (SOWs)​​.

3. Navigating the Client Agreement Template

Learn how to use the client agreement template provided in the course, including filling out key sections and customizing the language to fit specific deals​​.

4. Crafting Effective SOWs

Explore best practices for drafting SOWs, including clarity on services, payment details, and managing project timelines​.

6. Setting Clear Fees and Payment Terms

Delve into structuring client payments, including default payment terms and managing reimbursable expenses effectively​​.

7. Intellectual Property and Confidentiality

Understand how to handle intellectual property rights in client agreements and the importance of confidentiality provisions to protect each party's secret sauce.


8. Implementing Non-Solicitation Provisions

Learn about the inclusion of non-solicitation clauses to protect your business relationships and the legal limitations of these provisions across different states​​.

9. Managing Contract Terms and Termination Clauses

Gain insights into setting the term of the agreement, handling early termination scenarios, and the implications of force majeure events​​.

10. Navigating Post-Termination Payment Settlements

Understand the protocols for handling payments and refunds upon early termination of a client agreement​​.

11. Limiting Liability and Understanding Legal Relationships

Explore the importance of disclaimers, limitations of liability, and the clear definition of the relationship between parties in a contractual agreement​​.

12. Handling Assignment, Notices, and Legal Jurisdiction

Understand the rules around assigning rights and obligations, the formalities of sending notices, and choosing the governing law and jurisdiction for legal disputes​​.

13. Finalizing Agreements with Binding Signatures

Learn the correct way to insert legal names and signatures, whether operating as an individual or an LLC, to ensure validity and enforceability of your agreements​​.

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