Get to Know Chris

I believe in entrepreneurs

Some of you build massive startups, others build your own business where you work on your own terms.

Regardless which type you are, I want to help.

I've been representing entrepreneurs since 2010. I've  also successfully started and sold two businesses myself (a law firm website business, and an online contract platform for freelancers). Today I spend my professional time running my own law firm, Pixel Law.

I cannot represent clients in every state and I'm limited by time. That's why I created the Pixel Law Shop. 

And since I've helped thousands of entrepreneurs, I know what the most important topics are for most of you. From starting an LLC, to signing client and contractor agreements, I've seen it before. Heck, I've lived it starting and selling my own companies!

So I distilled the most important topics into the videos, guides, templates, and checklists you can find in this shop. 

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