The Entrepreneur's Guide to NDAs

Dive into detailed video lessons, explore the in-depth course guide, and put theory into practice with three fully-editable, attorney-drafted NDA templates, specifically designed for freelancers and small businesses.

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What you get:

Comprehensive Guide

Explore the comprehensive 15-page course guide that will simplify NDAs for you. Perfect for quick reference, it's designed to enhance your legal knowledge.

Engaging Video Lectures

Access 10 engaging video lessons, each offering clear insights into the world of NDAs. These short lectures demystify legal jargon and guide you through each NDA template.

Customizable Templates

Utilize three, attorney-created versatile NDA templates. These editable templates provide a strong foundation for your business entrepreneurial relationships.


What you'll learn:

1. Insights into Trade Secrets & Misappropriation

Understand the legal backdrop of trade secret laws and the concept of misappropriation. Learn how you can use these laws to protect your information, even without an NDA.

2. Introduction to Non-Disclosure Agreements

Gain a foundational understanding of NDAs, their importance in business, and the distinction between unilateral and mutual NDAs. 

3. Anatomy of an Effective NDA

Unpack the key elements that constitute a strong and enforceable NDA. Explore the definition of confidential information, obligations of the parties, and common exceptions.

4. Navigating the Free NDA Templates

Receive step-by-step guidance on using the provided Unilateral and Mutual NDA Templates. Learn how to customize these templates for your business needs.

5. Master the Sample Confidentiality Provisions

Delve into the Sample Confidentiality Provisions provided in the course. Learn how to integrate these provisions into various agreements effectively.

6. Skills for Reviewing & Negotiating NDAs

Develop skills to confidently review and negotiate NDAs. Learn practical tips for ensuring that your NDAs serve your interests.

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