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Unlock the secrets of crafting effective NDAs, protect your interests, and gain confidence in your negotiations. Plus, you'll get three fully-editable, attorney-drafted NDA templates.

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What you get:

Comprehensive Guide

A 15-page Course Guide covering the essentials of trade secrets and NDAs.

Engaging Video Lectures

More than 30 minutes of short, easy to follow videos (without legalese).

Customizable Templates

Three editable templates: Unilateral NDA, Mutual NDA, & Sample Provisions.


What you'll learn:

1. What is a trade secret

You might be able to protect your information even without an NDA. But only if you comply with trade secret laws.

I'll explain what that means and when you can, or cannot, use those laws to help you.


2. What is an NDA

Sounds simple, right? But there are actually different kinds of NDAs and you need to use the right ones. You also need to watch out for "hidden" terms in NDAs that can cause you problems.

I'll explain the most common types of NDAs and how to review them to avoid common traps.


3. Template Walkthrough

This course comes with three free templates. I created them all (I'm an entrepreneurship lawyer), and they are fully editable so you can edit them however you'd like.

To help you use those templates, the course comes with written and video instructions on every provision in the templates.

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Navigate the nuances of non-disclosure agreements with ease, safeguard your interests, and make negotiations easier.

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